Monday, 4 May 2009

30th April: Bone Scan

Bone scan today at Medway Hospital. The nurse who administered the radioactive injection was very good with my feebleness, finding a vein quickly and relatively painlessly. I am unutterably hopeless with injections, having a needle phobia, and my veins are rubbish after chemotherapy in 2001.
A 2.5 hour wait, and then I returned for the actual scan. I remember my first scan at St Thomas's Hospital in London in 1988: then, the wait was 4 hours and you weren't allowed to leave the hospital, had to drink pints of water and pee in a special toilet because of the radiation.

After the scan I asked the technician if I could see my images. He refused to let me, saying he wasn't allowed to. This annoyed me - they're images of me, after all - but I could see the screens in the corner anyway, and a hotspot on my shoulder, where I have been having pain for the last 4 months, was very clear.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean bone mets, I tell myself. It could be arthritis. It could be. Results in about a week.

Second trollbead for my treatment bracelet.

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